Flagship Performance: Wednesday, November 22nd
SouthStreet Naples @ 9:30pm

Banded together by a common love for all things Pink, Project Pink Floyd pays tribute to the original with authenticity, passion and stellar-sound unparalled by any other. Rather than seek to emulate the original so closely that the end result falls short, Project Pink Floyd allows the creative prowess of it's members to shine through while paying great respect to the original, resulting in a sound that is both sincere in it's delivery and exciting in it's risk.

Fans of Pink Floyd will experience renditions of songs both familiar, and at the same time, fresh for the ears of the uninitiated. Project Pink Floyd plays the tunes faithfully yet injects a subtle interpretation that makes for a wholly satisfying musical experience. Sounds have been designed from the ground up with the uptmost respect for authenticity and performed with all the energy & passion needed to breathe fresh air into music's most iconic, progressive-rock band.

Please join us on this musical adventure while we pay homage to our favorite band, Pink Floyd, and serve you a truly unique tribute experience!

Ashes and diamonds, foe and friend; we were all equal in the end... ~ The Final Cut

Featuring music from:

  • Meddle - 1971
  • Dark Side Of The Moon - 1973
  • Wish You Were Here - 1975
  • Animals - 1977
  • The Wall - 1979
  • The Final Cut - 1981
  • A Momentary Lapse Of Reason - 1987
  • The Division Bell - 1994
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